In general these accessories fall into the following categories:

  • Thermal management
  • Laser control
  • Electrical input and wiring
  • Optical
  • Processing heads

Not all items are for sale. In some cases we are aiding your evaluation of the laser and would then offer advice as to where you should purchase the item. As a rule, if SPI have no technology or propriety inputs into the products design or build we will refer you rather than re sell the item.

Laser modules

SPI Laser modules require a heat sink and fan to aid cooling. The module itself has no in-built cooling system. The module will also require an AC-DC power supply and an electrical connections cable harness. These items differ from pulsed to CW/M modules and also with respect to the power of the laser.

The pulsed laser is sensitive to some types of input signal and trigger pulse shape. To avoid any laser damage, SPI have designed a controller that will only allow the laser to be used in the specified parameter space. It is highly recommended that first time buyers and those with lower volume demand or no interest in developing an in-house controller take the SPI controller option.

A full range of optical accessories, beam expanders, isolators and red alignment laser options are also offered.

Laser systems

Common accessories with the laser systems are mainly optical and control related. SPI offer a laser controller to enable TTL input and pulse shaping. In the area of optics a range of beam expanders and reducers as well as high power handling isolator are offered. We can recommend chiller suppliers where a water cooled laser is purchased and the correct cutting and welding head to go with the application. SPI have a number of fully populated evaluation kits containing all the above items that can be loaned when taking a laser evaluation.