The medication management process is complex. When you are delivering thousands of doses to your patients every day, error and inefficiency are inevitable.

CareFusion is committed to breaking the harmful cycle of medication errors and simplifying medication management to bring safety and practice together in measurable ways. With proven technologies, including Alaris® infusion safety systems, Pyxis® automation technologies and Pyxis® Point of Care Verification solutions, we can positively impact patient safety across the entire continuum of care.

Capabilities include:

• Medication order management
• Medication dispensing and automated replenishment
• IV protection
• PCA protection
• Point of Care medication verification

Not only will you have safety measures at almost every point where an error can occur, but you will also have actionable information spanning the entire med use process that will allow you to continually improve safety, efficiency and compliance.

Additionally, throughout the process our clinical support teams, consisting of registered nurses and pharmacists with an average of 15+ years of hospital experience, are there to help you interpret the information and make meaningful improvements as they have with hundreds of hospitals, large and small.

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