ELASTRON® G is as strong as vulcanised rubber and does not require vulcanisation. It provides higher saving on the processing costs and remains flexible from temperatures -65°C to 150°C.
ELASTRON® G is 100% recyclable, is resistant to detergents, has grades with flame retardancy and has up to 100kN/m of tear strength.

ELASTRON® G is resistant to most acids and bases, has grades with very low compression set, has grades with very high abrasion resistance, is resistant to bacterial attack and fungus growth, and is resistant to degredation at elevated temperatures.

ELASTRON® G is an excellent electric insulator with very low conductivity. It is excellently resistant to weathering, ozone, UV light, oxidation, impact and ageing. It allows direct colouring during processing by utilising coloured polypropylene masterbatch and has low acute toxic potential, with many grades conforming to FDA regulations. 2-shot moulding or co-extrusion onto PS or polyolefin components.