As a result, system reliability and durability is critical. Smiths Interconnect’s Eclipta Connector Series addresses the industry’s need for a reliable interconnect system with minimal cost. Eclipta connectors incorporate an innovative doubleended, edge card contact system featuring a PCB as the contact on the disposable connector side. This reduces both the cost and potential damage of male pins traditionally found in such a system. The Eclipta module, located in the reusable connector body, has 34 contacts which are designed for high mating cycle life, providing reliable connection over the life of the reusable device. Terminating to these modules is a simple matter of plugging another PC board, to which the fine wires in the cable can be mass terminated, into the back of the module. This also makes field servicing of the reusable cable an easy process of unplugging the existing plug and replacing it with a new one. Modules are also available with 14, 58, and 82 contacts. For custom connector flexibility, multiple modules can be combined in a single connector, either in line or in parallel, to meet specific customer needs. By combining superior high reliability technology into a disposable, low cost solution, the Eclipta connector joins Smiths Interconnect’s portfolio of world-class interconnect solutions for the medical market.