Dedicated specialists in drug delivery devices focus on understanding customer needs in the early stages of the process. With our 3D CAD systems we can generate virtual prototypes within days of discussing a design brief. At every step in development and manufacturing, your professionals can be sure of engaging in a dialogue with our professionals.

With over 300 million inhalers produced to date to strict specifications, we have proven our capability and know-how. Other customised drug delivery devices developed by Medisize to customer specifications include injector pens, syringes with safety devices, inserters and applicators.


Design and development

  • Efficient design & development
  • Services from concept through the pilot phase and clinical trials.


In-house tooling

  • In-house tool design
  • In-house tool manufacturing


  • Precision injection moulding
  • Two material moulding
  • Silicon / liquid injection moulding
  • Insert/over moulding
  • Blow moulding
  • Stretch blow moulding


  • Radio frequency welding
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Thermal contact welding


  • Manual assembly
  • Semi auto assembly
  • Automated assembly


  • Managed service: Gamma
  • Managed service: EtO
  • Managed service: E-Beam

For more information, please see Medisze’s website.