NuSil silicone dispersions are silicone elastomer systems that are dispersed in a solvent carrier. Dispersions are ideal for dipping and spraying processes.

Our broad range of solutions offer numerous options to accommodate processing requirements and functional properties:

  • One-part or two-part dispersions: Our dispersions are available as a one-part formulation with no mixing required or two-part configuration offering a longer work time.
  • Solvent-based or solventless dispersions: Solvent-based dispersions are ideal for processes where the silicone is applied as a thin film coating. Solvent-less coatings are non-flammable and do not require controlled environments for handling.
  • Special features: NuSil dispersions options include hydrocarbon-resistance, lubrication, low coefficient of friction and high clarity formulations.


Our dispersions can be used for applications requiring a low viscosity silicone that will cure into a strong elastomer. They can be used to provide a coating on devices and create thin elastomeric films or forms.

Key properties and considerations

‒ Supplied as one-part RTV or two-part heat cure systems

‒ Ability to decrease viscosity through further dilution

‒ Product chemistry may influence permeability