What does an effective patient communications program look like? In today’s information-hungry environment, it takes more than a company website to motivate patients. Although developing a superior program involves vetting a dizzying number of options, if your brand succeeds, the benefits are palpable: earn customers’ trust, win higher brand awareness and loyalty, improve patient adherence, and generate sales.

Improve your campaigns to make them resonate with patients. The study’s findings and expert advice address pharmaceutical executives’ most pressing questions. Some of these questions include:

What measureable patient education goals should I have in place?

Patient communications is increasingly being tied to global brand strategy. Examine our extensive patient communication brand profiles, including performance metrics specific to therapeutic areas, responsibilities for certain activities, which tools brand teams use, the level of staffing required and length of development. The study also includes rankings of various tools that provide insight into their effectiveness.

Do I have the resources to achieve these goals?

Our data benchmarks reveal real-company budgets and staffing for more than 30 brands, evaluating the efficiency of up to 19 different tools. The study’s data analysis and recommendations allow executives to efficiently allocate resources to meet their needs.

Is my patient education collateral objective and accessible?

Sophisticated tools are not useful if the content is difficult to understand or doctors consider it biased or too branded. The report’s actionable strategies for improving your messages are easy to implement and aim to satisfy the key players.

What impact will social media have?

With new media seemingly permeating all parts of drug companies’ marketing and sales efforts, it can be difficult to understand which are the most useful and effective. Find trend analysis and commentary from top executives who weigh in on the latest media trends and their contributions to patient education. The study also includes recommendations to overcome regulatory obstacles.

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