Silbione® VPS impression materials

Silbione® VPS range is composed of putties (pastes for first impression) and bodies (fluids for second impression) of addition cure which are at the forefront of silicone dental impression materials. Our large range of impression materials with a very high level of hydrophilicity, high thixotropy but very fluid under shear makes it easy to handle during use.

Silbione® laboratory reproduction materials

Putty Lab products are high hardness addition cure pastes that can be used for insulating and repairing or making molds of the contours of the palate. Duplication materials are flowable addition cure silicone with harness between 8ShA and 30ShA and a fast setting time (<30min).

Silbione® duplication – a technology of hydrophilic duplication materials

Along with the same mechanical properties as the regular range, hydrophilic properties (contact
angle of less than 40°) prevent from adding a wetting agent before pouring the refractory plaster,
which allows time saving, increased accuracy and cost effectiveness.

Silbione® audiology materials

Ear canal impression taken at audiology laboratories for the production of personalised hearing devices. Our products are UV permeable (4625), flowable (4625) and have excellent mechanical properties, then they are easy to mix (non-sticky) (4330) and easy to handle with a syringe (4329).

For full product details, please download the Dental and Audiology complimentary white paper.