The following gives further details about the C&E group’s products, where we have proven solutions for defence customers. More information and technical details are available on

Planar for medical

Electroluminescent displays are also ideal for medical equipment where the readability and brightness of the display combined with ruggedness for enduring changing and extreme temperature environments and unexpected situations. Whether embedded onto an ambulance or mobile device such as a defibrillator, EL provides qualities appreciated by the medical end user.

Think of ambulance staff responding to a road accident call: the display on the defibrillation equipment must be:

  1. Instant on at all temperatures
  2. Must endure any impact on the equipment – e.g. if it gets tossed on the ground next to a patient
  3. Must be readable from all possible angles in all possible reading lights: the focus is on the patient

Planar’s electroluminescent displays have been used and proven in these conditions and to these specifications. The standard catalogue includes 62 different shapes and sizes of EL displays and custom versions are also possible for large quantities. Planar also makes transparent displays with EL display technology and possible applications for these kind of applications include infant incubators, where the display could appear when necessary right in front of the doctor’s eyes, while working with or operating on the baby, by displaying vital information like body temperature, breath rate etc. without her having to take her eyes off the baby.

Planar for digital signage

C&E’s latest product releases include large scale digital signage, for example 42in HD display with touch screen designed for applications requiring a large display in portrait mode and a custom project with a large scale digital signage for outdoor use with optical bonding for increased brightness and a ruggedised vandal resistant glass for protection.

Planar for military

Electroluminescent (EL) displays have been used extensively for military communication and in tank and avionics applications where temperature, shock, vibration, and reliability are crucial considerations. Planar’s EL and AMLCD displays have been used by military forces to communicate information related to transportation, aviation, navigation and logistical applications.

Planar for transportation

Planar’s electroluminescent displays are ideal for transportation applications and they have been used as driver displays in trucks and most recently the Chinese Ministry of Railroad have chosen EL technology for their display needs. Also Planar’s LX range is meant for transportation customers, especially for the emergency forces and several have been installed in police vehicles.