Features & Benefits

High insertion life

Suited for blind mate connections

Low profile, high compliance ratio

Ideal for high shock and vibration environments

Smiths Interconnect integrates industry-leading spring probe technology with extensive design experience to provide application-specific interposer solutions. Whether facing intense shock and vibration, extreme temperatures or environmental contaminants, Smiths Interconnect tailors every solution to operate at peak performance without contact interruption. Smiths Interconnect interposers can be soldered or compression mounted enabling a reduction in manufacturing costs and providing space savings in a confined area. Interposers can be designed to handle substantial amounts of power safely with some individual contacts capable of withstanding as much as 30 Amps in free air. Utilized throughout the aerospace industry, Smiths Interconnect interposers are incorporated in applications such as: ■ Ground and air-based radar ■ Satellites ■ Missiles ■ Fixed wing and rotary aircraft ■ Test and measurement environments

Smiths Interconnect embraces a collaborative approach to ensure delivery of an innovative, high performance, reliable interposer which meets each customer’s specifications while exceeding their expectations.