Impro Aerotek produces custom investment castings for diagnosis equipment in stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and superalloy materials. Castings often require secondary machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, and non-destructive testing, all of which processes are performed in house at Impro.

Examples of investment castings that we produce for diagnosis equipment include:

Components for MRI Equipment

Stainless steel investment castings for MRI equipment feature wall thickness as thin as 3 mm with linear tolerance of 0.025 mm. The castings are supplied with mounting surfaces machining finished, heat-treated, and NDT certified.

Components for CT Machines

We manufacture investment castings in stainless steel, alloy steel, and aluminum alloys used on CT machines. These parts are often exposed on the exterior surfaces of the equipment with high requirements for cosmetic appearance and close linear and profile tolerances for precision fit-up conditions.

Component for X-ray Machines

Impro produces a variety of structural parts for X-ray machines that have high requirements for linear and profile tolerances. Specific surface texture and finish are specified to allow for subsequent powder coating.

 Component for Ultrasonic Machines

Stainless steel investment castings are made for the steering system of ultrasonic machines. The products require vacuum heat treatment and close linear tolerances.

Structural parts for Histology And Pathology Equipment

Investment castings are produced in stainless steel and aluminum alloys for histology and pathology equipment and tissue analyzer featuring thin wall, close linear and profile tolerances.