Ming Tai Industrial Co. uses laminated technology to make high quality constant force spring which output high constant force, and have long life cycle. The constant force spring features counterbalancing function, which is ideal for ergonomic height adjustable desks, and monitor stand application.

Ming Tai Industrial Co., a global leading manufacturer of steel strip springs, has developed laminated technology to manufactures wide range of constant force springs for ergonomic height adjustable desks, patient bed side table and monitor stand. These applications give users the option of sitting or standing in working, and to adjust proper high of appliance to meet demand of healthcare.

Constant force spring features high force output with very small space requirement, and it exerts nearly constant force during entire extension. Constant force spring also features short initial pre-tension, it means that can afford the rated load at short extension, and to provides long extension capability. All features are ideal for acting as counterbalancing function, which not only can be applied to ergonomic height adjustable desks and monitor stand, but also to wide range of height adjustment applications, such as patient bedside table, wall-mounted storage cabinet, display and keyboard integrated medical workstation.

Ming Tai Industrial Co., offers 40N, 60N and 80N (Newton) force springs for choosing, it also can be assembly any two kind of force spring to assembly for weight loading demand. Furthermore, all constant force springs are mounted on aluminum extruding parts, which make the unit easy to install and to replace. Furniture and medical device design engineers are welcome to contact Ming Tai’s engineer for the best solution.

Link: http://www.powerspring.com.tw/constant_force_spring