B-Series base coats are the work horse of the Hydak coatings system. These acrylic-based coatings are excellent for substrates composed of PEEK, polyurethane, nylon, Pebax, and a host of other polymeric materials. Additionally, this base coat is known to produce consistent and reliable results for binding to Hydak top coats.

B-Series coatings require 10min to 20min at 60°C after dipping, followed by two hours at 60°C after a dipping in the Top Coat solution. Lower temperatures with longer oven times are also possible.


Q-Series base coats are a newer variation on the B-series. These acrylic-based coating systems are excellent for many of the same substrates as B-series coatings. Reliability and consistency are also not compromised.

Q-Series coatings have a shorter overall processing time. They only require approximately 1 hour at 60°C after dipping in the Top Coat Solution. For coatings manufacturing processes where time is of the essence, this choice may be beneficial. Also, for substrates that are not suitably exposed to 60°C, curing can be conducted at lower temperatures.


DC-Series coatings are aqueous dispersions which are primarily useful for substrates that are sensitive to dissolution from organic solvents. These hydrophilic coatings were derived from technology perfected in the paint industry, which employs aqueous dispersions to coat walls, floors, and other surfaces.

Also, DC-Series coatings are suited for medical devices made of metal, such as stainless steel. This is due to excellent adhesion properties.