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Astute™ Advanced Heparin Coating

The aggressive nature of this response causes protein deposition and platelet activation, leading to thrombus (clot formation); other responses include inflammation and fibrosis, prompting induced regression at the tissue device interface. All of these responses result in device failure and patient discomfort, with the outcome impacting on the patient’s well being.

A major breakthrough in the development of biocompatible coatings, this highly acclaimed coating is a first to contain both non-thrombogenic and anti-thrombogenic properties on the same polymer backbone. Authoritative studies show that the Astute™ Advanced Heparin Coating is among the best in biocompatible coatings on the market.

Astute™, is currently licensed to major USA medical companies such as Medtronic, Inc. for their cardiopulmonary by-pass products (the coating is marketed as Trillium™ Biopassive Surface) and to Covidien for their haemodialysis catheters, Tal Palindrome™ Emerald™. Astute™ provides triple endothelial-like action through three components, heparin, negative charge and hydrophilicity:-

* Non-leaching, extremely high activity heparin, provides similar beneficial effects as heparan sulfate found in the natural endothelium,
* Sulfate and sulfonate groups are strongly negatively charged and repel blood cells and proteins away from the surface of the device, consequently reducing blood cell and protein deposition,
* Highly hydrophilic poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) chains minimise the interaction between the coating and blood elements, thereby preventing protein and cellular adhesion.

This highly biocompatible coating is ideal for many devices, such as catheters, vascular grafts and heart valves.

We have established license agreements with major medical device manufacturers, including Medtronic and Covidien.

*Astute™ is licensed to Medtronic, Inc. for their cardiopulmonary bypass products under the trademark Trillium™ Biopassive Surface and to Covidien for their haemodialysis catheters, Tal Palindrome™ Emerald™.

For more information on Astute™ please download our overview and technical documents.