Acceptance recognises the important role played by World Courier and AmerisourceBergen in the healthcare value chain, from product development through market maturity.

Assobiotec brings together bioscience companies from all fields of research and development, manufacturing and commercialization of biotechnology products. Its members engage in a wide range of activities: from human and animal health care, to diagnostics, agriculture, food, environmental and industrial products and services. As the voice of the bio-industry at both the national and international levels, Assobiotec seeks to promote the development of biotechnology, to improve the competitiveness of biopharmaceutical companies and to engage with industry, politicians, regulators, NGOs and the public at large.

"World Courier looks forward to working with Assobiotec to help solve the challenges of the biotechnology sector and to ensure that patient access and safety, medicinal effectiveness and value to healthcare stakeholders are at the forefront of the biotechnology innovation agenda," says Maurizio Orlandi, Managing Director for World Courier Italy. "The AmerisourceBergen Group is committed to bringing its own worldwide ‘best practice’ expertise in Life Sciences to the biotechnology community through the partnership with Assobiotec and other key healthcare stakeholders, manufacturers, professionals and patient groups."

At the international level, Assobiotec is a co-founder of EuropaBio which represents 17 national biotechnology trade associations and more than 1800 biotech companies in Europe. Moreover, Assobiotec has established transatlantic partnerships with the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council and Pennsylvania Bio. The common denominator among all members is the use of biotechnology at any stage of research, development, or manufacturing.

"World Courier welcomes this opportunity to work with pharmaceutical executives and to offer our knowledge and experience of international risk management for global clinical trials and the whole pharmaceutical supply chain, not only in Italy but also at European level," says John Butler, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for World Courier. "We believe this partnership will benefit patients, foster innovation and help generate growth both domestically and worldwide within the industry."