Investment from World Courier together, with a grant aiming to boost research and innovation, will bring new jobs, and enhanced services and distribution strategies when the sixth UK World Courier office, opens early in 2014.

Simon Beaumont World Courier UK’s Country Manager said: "The brand new 250 square metre facility will offer significant benefits, to our growing customer base in South Wales, including locally based drivers and industry leading packaging systems, along with GDP compliant, mapped, calibrated and monitored cold chain capacity, with redundant systems in place. Together with the newly installed controlled room temperature area this will enhance the handling of temperature-sensitive items. There will also be a large reduction in the number of vehicles running between London and Wales each day, which will result in lowered CO2 emissions and a reduced carbon footprint, in line with World Courier’s ISO 14001 commitments."

Customers shipping biological samples, medical devices and spare parts will benefit from the local presence and improved response times, as well as those clients shipping documents and clinical trial supplies, to ensure that local businesses can maintain their competitiveness.