The material allows for a shorter finishing process, empowering users to accelerate time-to-market.

TangoBlackPlus expands Objet’s breakthrough Tango family of materials, the only full offering of materials with rubber-like characteristics: outstanding flexibility and durability, exceptional elongation at break, and high resistance to tear.

Better simulation of rubber products

TangoBlackPlus builds on the same combination of mechanical properties as Objet’s revolutionary TangoPlus, FullCure930, which set a new standard in rubber-like performance when it was released in 2007. Black in colour, it reduces the time required to create models of products in the automotive market, defence industry and shoes, which designers previously painted black after printing. Like other Tango materials, it will also aid the development of soft-touch grips, handles, gaskets and seals among other items.

“TangoBlackPlus was created to fulfil new requirements of Objet customers and represents our full commitment to their long-term success,” said David Reis, CEO of Objet Geometries. “By offering companies the added benefit of simulating the look, feel and function of rubber products, we are offering them the ability to move products to market faster”.

TangoBlackPlus that can be ordered under the FullCure 980 catalogue number is supported by the Eden professional line of 3D printing systems and the Connex family, the only family of 3D printers capable of printing multi-material, multi-part designs.

Objet is simultaneously launching a breakthrough new digital material pack for the Connex family that is based on TangoBlackPlus. This pack will enable printing of parts more suitable than ever for product-design testing.