With growing prevalence of chronic diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), the demand for auto injectors continues to grow year after year. Although North America and Europe currently dominates the global market share for auto injectors, a boost is also expected in Asia Pacific and Latin America. With many of the key Asian languages already available, offering Spanish allows SHL to reach out and better connect with pharmaceutical customers in Latin America, parts of Europe, and many more.

In addition to auto injectors and pen injectors, products designed and manufactured by SHL Groups’ medical sector, SHL’s Healthcare and Technologies groups also tailor to global customer needs for medical slings, soft goods & support surfaces, and OEM & ODM Manufacturing respectively. As a result, providing Spanish as an additional language option can further extend the corresponding market reach.

Moving forward, SHL will continue to deepen its penetration within key international markets, with language support as one of the key efforts. With a goal to provide better drug delivery systems, home & hospital care equipment and design-to-build manufacturing services worldwide, SHL has a genuine interest in connecting with broader audiences at a deeper level.

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