As the prevalence of chronic diseases rises and the emergence of biologics grow, the demand for self-administered drug delivery devices like auto injectors and pen injectors continues to increase rapidly. Although the larger share of the global auto injector market resides in North America and Europe, a high growth in Asia Pacific is soon to be expected. Leading the way are players such as Japan and Korea, who are either in the midst of developing an auto injector product or have already launched one. For example, the Enbrel® Auto Injector was officially introduced to the Japanese market in 2013.

Commenting on this year’s attendance, Executive Director of Business Development Thomas Schönknecht says, “We feel very privileged to be invited to the 2015 Prefilled Syringe Seminar in Tokyo, and I am personally very excited to speak at this year’s event. SHL sees Japan as one of the fastest emerging markets in Asia for self-administered devices like auto injectors and pen injectors, making it even more vital for us to connect and share our experiences and learnings with key biopharmaceutical players in the region. With Japan so close to our main manufacturing sites in Taiwan, we encourage potential customers to visit our facilities where we can better showcase the capabilities and capacities available in-house.”

Aside from device demonstrations available upon request at our table, SHL’s latest product Case Studies (in Japanese) will also be presented for featured products: Amber™ Auto Injector, Molly® Auto Injector, Emerade® Auto Injector and PPI® Injector.