A global leader in the design and manufacturing of auto injectors and pen injectors, SHL offers innovative designs, robust manufacturing capabilities, a lean supply chain, strong partnerships, and more. With offices and manufacturing facilities located in Taiwan, Sweden, USA and China, SHL aims for the highest product and service quality, better brand recognition, and building of business values for employees and customers.

Over the years, SHL has continuously invested in R&D and manufacturing capabilities, and currently houses more than 180 high precision molding machines selected from leading brands such as Krauss Maffei, Engel and Netstal. With expert engineers operating such state-of-the-art equipment, SHL has been able to meet increasing customer demands for response time, quality and capacity.

"SHL is committed to developing innovative devices and providing exceptional customer service, thus we never hesitate when it comes to further investments and expansions if it means providing better quality and capacity for our customers," said Roger Samuelsson, President & CEO of SHL Group. "We have been extending and expanding our services and production sites over the years, and will continue to do so to accommodate future needs. Reaching 3,000 employees in such a short time is a true milestone for us and we look forward to bringing more leading-edge technology to market in such areas as auto injectors and pen injectors, inhalers, connectivity and much more."

At present, SHL works with 80% of the world’s top 25 pharmaceutical companies and expands across Sweden, USA, Taiwan and China. Currently there are nine major production sites in Taiwan.