The LBA sensors feature superior sensitivity and offset stability. The devices are based on thermal flow measurement of gas through a micro-flow channel integrated within the sensor chip. This very narrow channel decreases the flow through the LBA sensor by several magnitudes compared to other flow-based pressure sensors. The extremely low gas flow ensures high immunity to dust contamination and condensation and allows the use of connecting tubes and input filters without the need to recalibrate or correct the output signal. Because the flow impedance is predefined at the sensor chip level the LBA series provides very small and cost-effective PCB-mountable housings.

Important features of the new LBA series are:

  • Pressure ranges of 250 and 500 Pa Full Scale
  • Fully analog signal conditioning allows for very high resolution
  • High immunity to dust contamination and condensation
  • Connecting tubes or input filters do not affect sensor performance

Sensortechnics’ highly sensitive LBA differential pressure sensors are ideal to detect very small pressure differences in many medical respiratory devices such as e.g. ventilators, spirometers, sleep diagnostic equipment, nebulizers and oxygen concentrators/conservers as well as industrial HVAC applications.