Société des Céramiques Techniques (SCT CERAMICS) today announced a strategic license agreement with Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG (HERAEUS). The long-term license grants rights to SCT Ceramics to manufacture and market implantable components and subassemblies, such as hermetic feedthoughs, using Heraeus’ CerMet IP. CerMet is an innovative technology which uses a bio-compatible material system made from aluminum oxide and platinum to achieve ultra-high density feedthroughs, while lowering production and procurement costs.

Heiko Specht, Executive Vice President, Global Product and Portfolio Management at Heraeus Medical Components states, “CerMet represents the excellence, hard work, and diligence of our development teams here at Heraeus Medical Components, and I am excited to see where SCT can take this exciting technology. CerMet addresses a key unmet need in the neuromodulation space for higher channel counts, which opens up many possibilities for innovation. I’m happy to see it transfer to such capable hands and look forward to seeing it improve lives worldwide.”

Jean-Paul Detroyes, President of SCT Ceramics, added “Our investments in CerMet reflect SCT Ceramics’ commitment of accompanying our customers in their innovative projects. CerMet has promising early results and far-reaching implications for the active implantable medical device market. This is a great addition to our portfolio and will serve as a complementary solution to our brazed product offerings.”

CerMet is a reliable and extremely robust technology which will allow SCT Ceramics to develop high-density feedthroughs with up to 800 channels per square centimeter. High channel counts will allow neuromodulation devices to achieve greater precision, while helping to reduce surface space, a key requirement for devices used in minimally invasive surgeries. SCT Ceramics will take over existing projects and clients related to CerMet, with Heraeus providing training and engineering support during the transition.

About SCT Ceramics
SCT Ceramics is a privately held, technical ceramics company specializing in brazed, ceramic-to-metal components for high-reliability markets such as medical, aerospace and energy. Dating back to the 1970s, SCT Ceramics was a pioneer in biocompatible, implantable ceramics. Today, their medical division is certified ISO 13485 and designs and manufactures custom, miniaturized feedthroughs and casings for active implantable medical devices such as cardiac and cochelar implants and neurostimulation devices.

About Heraeus Medical Components LLC Heraeus Medical Components – a Global Business Unit of Heraeus Group – is a market-leading design and development outsourcing partner to medical device OEMs. They provide expertise in materials science, leading-edge manufacturing technologies and supply chain excellence to support customers in the development and production of components, assemblies and ready-to-market products. With a global development and production footprint in 10 locations and over 2,000 employees worldwide, Heraeus Medical Components is committed to helping customers bring better medical devices to market.