Phocal fluoride treatment disks

Treatment disksDegradable Solutions has supported Colldent in the development and manufacturing of the revolutionary Phocal disks for the treatment of dental pathologies.

Interproximal caries is a growing problem that has traditionally lacked appropriate preventive treatment options.
Phocal discs address this problem as they are topical delivery vehicles designed to fluoridate interproximal tooth surfaces. The usage of the Phocal disks aids in the prevention of dental caries on intact surfaces, arrests progress on surfaces with incipient carious lesions and enhances remineralization. Phocal disks are also effective at tooth restoration margins and furcations.

These thin, round disks weigh 4.5mg and contain 1.23% fluoride ions. Once positioned interproximally they rapidly expand, soften into a gel and release fluoride for approximately 10 minutes before disolving.

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TMJ anchor

TMJ AnchorDegradable Solutions has developed, manufactured and CE marked the Cillen ATM anchor.
The implant is for the re-attachment of soft tissue to bone using sutures, and it is specially designed to be used in cranio-maxillofacial indications.

The ATM ANCHOR set consists of a radiopaque PEEK anchor allowing post-operative control. The Anchor is preloaded with a non-absorbable braided polyester suture. Anchor, suture and needles are preloaded in a disposable implant holder. Its simple release mechanism allows easy and smooth suture handling.

The ATM anchor is delivered sterile and in one unique size. Click here for more Information.

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Filling your spinal Cages with synthetic bone graft substitutes and with the development and manufacturing of a resorbable CMF System.

Pre-filled Spinal cages

We can integrate our resorbable synthetic bone graft substitutes in your spinal cages.
Main advantages are:Spinal cages

  • Filling of any design cages.
  • One material to fill all cages, easier for logistics and more efficient.
  • Usage of a mechanically stable filler.
  • Within the first two days after implantation, the material swells in the cage (2-3mm), leading to an increase of material volume for direct bone contact.
  • Porosity between granules leads to blood uptake and tissue in-growth.
  • After approx. one month additional porosity is created due to the degradation of the coating.
  • Slow resorption of the beta-TCP, load is transferred through newly formed tissue.

Send us your cage design and yearly number of units; We will send you a quotation.

CMF resorbable system

CMFThe use of resorbable plates and screws for fixation of pediatric facial fractures is both well tolerated and effective. It enables realignment and stable positioning of rapidly healing fracture segments while obviating any future issues due to long-term metal retention.

If you are planning to add a resorbable plate and screw System to your product portfolio, Degradable Solutions is the development and manufacturing partner you are looking for!


CompandDegradable Solutions will be present at the Compamed show in Düsseldorf from the 20th to the 22nd of November 2013.
Please visit us at Hall 8b stand number 8bC04.
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