Along with its spectacular passenger growth, Turkish Airlines is also rapidly growing its cargo network and operations. In line with that growth, Turkish Cargo inaugurated its weekly freighter service to Chennai (MAA), beginning 9 November 2016. MAA (Chennai) and CMB (Colombo) cargo services will continue as one frequency per week.

Turkish Cargo provides the most efficient connections to the leading production and commercial centres across the globe. As from the beginning of the IATA Winter Schedule 2016-17, Turkish Cargo has been present at 292 destinations, including 64 freighter destinations, in 117 countries by its 13 freighters and 323 passenger aircrafts.

By expanding to new destinations, Turkish Cargo brings its network and quality service to even more customers, meeting the needs of its clients with a careful attention to detail that is part of all aspects of Turkish Airlines.

To view the flight schedules and details please visit, or contact with the call center at +90 850 333 0 777.

About Turkish Cargo:

Turkish Airlines, which has operated its first international air cargo shipment in 1936, is a four-star airline company operating flights to 292 destinations around the world by its fleet comprising of 336 aircrafts (airliners and freighters) at the present. The Company, which has been maintaining its cargo services and operations under the sub-brand Turkish Cargo since the beginning of the 2000s, stands as the internationally fastest-growing brand offering air cargo service to the highest number of countries around the world. Detailed information about Turkish Cargo is available on the website