Bright Plastics, a custom injection moulding company, has added a new, all-electric, 1550-ton molding machine to its powerhouse in the Cessna Drive Manufacturing and Logistics Hub – the company’s second facility in addition to the Corporate Manufacturing Centre on W. Gate City Blvd.

Kirk Sparks, president of Bright Plastics, disclosed what prompted the need for the UBE ULTIMA UN 1550.

"A significant part of Bright Plastics’ growth is a steady increase in customers who request large injection moulded products. To accommodate our customers and take advantage of this business opportunity, we needed more tons of clamping force. The 1550, offering a wide platen that’s equivalent to a 2000-ton hydraulic machine, is specifically designed to mold large parts. We’ve added a Wittmann W853, five-axis robot to our automation team that will operate alongside the UBE. Although it is multifunctional, for our current application the robot carries finished product from the molding machine to the sorting and packaging area."

Sparks said the new machine is the largest Bright Plastics has so far, as well as one of the largest all-electric molding machine currently on the market. It offers ancillary benefits and efficiencies that help the environment, expedite production and reduce costs. All-electric machines are more energy efficient than conventional machines, and they offer both shorter part cycle times and lower scrap rates.

When asked if the company had reached its comfort point in terms of machinery and production capacity, Sparks said, "Not yet. The management team is strategically cautious, but certainly not timid about adding new equipment to meet our customers’ needs. For instance, our 1220 machine is very popular. We keep that machine humming 24/7. To meet demand, we have another 1220-ton machine on the way. We’re also adding a 100-ton electric machine and two more 40-ton machines. Our fleet will soon consist of 36 machines with a range of 40-1,550t."

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