Due to the manageable size of the canton of Obwalden, you live in a very safe environment. People know and appreciate each other. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Obwalden enjoys one of Europe’s lowest crime rates. In Obwalden, children can walk to school without any problems. Even in Switzerland, such a high degree of quality of life is not a matter of course.

With the accession of Switzerland to the Schengen Agreement, every working EU citizen may take up residence in Switzerland without great effort. Self-employed EU citizens are required to dispose of sufficient financial means as well as health and accident insurance.

Special conditions apply to citizens from outside the European Union wishing to move to Switzerland. We would be happy to personally provide you with information.

Switzerland’s quality of life is ranked among the top places in the world. Obwalden easily meets these demands.
As you see, the Canton of Obwalden offers ideal conditions as a place of residence. We support you competently and discreetly with our free services:

  • support throughout the settlement process
  • search for residential and commercial properties
  • support with company formation
  • help with immigration and settlement issues
  • clarification of building land availability.

Have we sparked your interest in Obwalden? If so, please get in touch with us. Our Team will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information on the settling process in Obwalden.

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The Business and Residential Promotion in Obwalden is your first contact for information about Obwalden as a place of residence and a business location. Obwalden constitutes the geographic center of Switzerland and is characterised by a varied, suburban landscape in the midst of mountains, forests, and lakes.