Dentistry-revolution from Aargau/Switzerland

Caries is the main cause of tooth decay – and still treated by conventional drilling and filling techniques. Now the Swiss product CurodontTM Repair is revolutionizing dentistry. The product stops early caries and enables in-depth mineralisation of early tooth decay.

Like most other diseases, caries is a progressive disease. It starts by the disruption of the oral remineralisation/demineralisation equilibrium. If the disequilibrium persists over a longer period of time, the demineralisation becomes visible as a white spot lesion, enamel lesion, dentin lesion and finally cavitation of the tooth.
Smaller or shorter disruptions of the remineralisation/demineralisation equilibrium can be compensated by saliva. Saliva is calcium-phosphate which counteracts the mineral-loss and regenerates any early demineralisation effects. In other words, healthy teeth rely on a natural daily regeneration process.

Conventional treatments are out-dated

Obviously, there is a point of no return at which the demineralisation of the tooth has gone too far and natural regeneration is no longer possible. In the worst case, if the caries progresses further, the dentist will decide on an excavation of the decayed tooth tissue and place a filling. By this procedure the tooth irreversibly loses its structure and stability. If the initial small filling fails it must be replaced by a larger one. And ultimately the tooth must be replaced by an implant. All these treatments occasion enormous costs for the health system and the patient. Costs which could be saved, if the tooth could be kept healthy or healed.

Credentis revolutionizes dentistry

Credentis, founded in 2010 by Dominik Lysek got the solution. The innovative company, located at the Technopark® in Aargau/Switzerland develops, manufactures and distributes regenerative solutions for the dental market. It combines state-of-the-art chemistry, oral biology, experience in the development of medical devices and a network of scientists and opinion leaders in dentistry.

Curodont™ Repair – therapy of early tooth decay

The biomimetic mineralisation product Curodont™ Repair is applied as an aqueous solution to the intact, cleaned, and etched tooth surface. From there, the intelligent peptide penetrates into the defective area. There the protein automatically builds up a three-dimensional matrix. In contact with the matrix, new hydroxyapatite crystals are formed de novo. The exchange of ions between the dental enamel and the saliva becomes possible because the saliva is supersaturated with calcium and phosphate ions. A prospective clinical study has demonstrated that buccal white-spot lesions can thus be significantly diminished within 30 days without any loss of healthy tooth substance.

The novel, patented method on which the Curodont™ Repair is based, was developed at the University of Leeds (UK) and is licensed exclusively by Credentis.

Perfect conditions in Aargau, the Swiss hightech region

„Aargau is located spot-on for me", Dominik Lysek, CEO of Credentis emphasizes. „Super transportation facilities, a terrific infrastructure that can keep up with that of Zurich, and short distances to the pharmaceutical stronghold Basel and the commercial center of Zurich: The Technopark® in Windisch is the perfect location with a brilliant infrastructure. And I find the commitment of the canton’s Economic Promotion Office, Aargau Services, outstanding. I am happy about the start-up support and believe that I will be able to build upon the support of Aargau Services in the area of coaching, networking, and contacts."

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