The new Kontron PCIe Medical LAN Card will find applications in hospitals, rehabilitation centers,
doctor’s offices, and anywhere where medical devices are connected to conventional workstations or
to high-availability archiving, backup, and storage solutions. In order to transmit data between medical
devices and systems via Ethernet to non-medical devices in an office or hospital network, the LAN
card needs a galvanic separation according to the IEC60601-1 standard, which has already been
engineered into the new Kontron PCIe Medical LAN card.

The PCIe 2.0 compliant Kontron PCIe Medical LAN Card is suitable for installation in any PCI
Express® x1 compatible card slot. Matching slot brackets for full-height or low-profile assembly are
included. The long-term available Kontron PCIe Medical LAN Card features either one or two isolated
Ethernet 1000Base-T interfaces on RJ45 connectors. Both variants are based on the Intel® 82574L
GbE controller, which ensures a particularly high level of compatibility and high transfer rates.


The Kontron PCIe Medical LAN Card is available now. Operating system support is provided for all
Windows operating systems from Windows XP/Windows 2000 on and also for Linux Kernel from
2.4.18 on.