PIT-1501W is the second member of the patient infotainment terminal series, featuring a widescreen format, in a site-specific design, with an anti-bacterial enclosure for easy cleanup. It fulfills a dual purpose making it more cost effective with a higher ROI for hospitals; it is the answer to satisfy and alleviates boredom for patients by providing vivid entertainment and communication options; and offers medical personnel an efficient means to deliver education and medical care at bedside as an integral part of a Hospital Information System (HIS).

Real-time communications and entertainment options

PIT-1501W is equipped with a telephone handset, a high resolution CMOS camera, Wi-Fi technology and gigabyte internet capability. This technology gives patients the flexibility to communicate with friends and family, receive personal health information, listen to community or medical information, and browse the internet. They can also use PIT-1501W to set personal alarms or reminders to take medication. Feature rich communications allow for a variety of voice and video applications. The multi-function unit has a 16:9 widescreen terminal, and comes with an optional digital TV-tuner, allowing patients to enjoy movies and computer games in high definition with vivid imagery. The wired remote control and speakers complete this personal entertainment center.

Slim design that is easy to maintain and clean

PIT-1501W is powered by an efficient, low power consuming Intel® Atom™ Z5XX series processor; it is fanless and allows the silent operation that is necessary in patient care environments. PIT-1501W has an anti-bacterial enclosure, minimizing risk of virus and bacterial contamination; it is NEMA4 and IP65/IPX1 certified, sealing it against dust and water penetration, and making daily maintenance and cleaning extremely easy. And PIT-1501W supports standard VESA mounting, with a slim footprint of only 2.5in and a weight of less than ten pounds, allowing system integrators to easily install it anywhere.

Smart management with personalisation options

PIT-1501W is equipped with RFID, a smart card reader, LED indicator lights, and a nurse-call button which drastically improve patient management and operating efficiency. The RFID and smart card reader technology make positive identification of staff and patient easy, improving safety and useful in applications such as the dispensing of medication. The LED indicator and nurse-call button provide the patient the capability to get help quickly when needed, and the system can be integrated with the care center’s Hospital Information System. The connectivity to backend hospital systems gives medical personal the ability to monitor patient care, and have data available at bedside. PIT-1501W can be tailored to specific hospital requirements and to meet patient expectations from its broad range of options: phone handset, wired remote, RFID, smart card reader, high resolution camera, and gigabyte internet connectivity.

Advantech Patient Infotainment Terminals (PIT-1501W and PIT-1702) make hospital stays a better experience for patients, and improve care options for hospitals. Advantech welcomes its partners to deploy integrated solutions with the PIT-1501W and PIT-1702 Patient Infotainment Terminals which are available now; they are certain to satisfy patient, hospital and healthcare professionals alike. For more information please contact your local Advantech sales representative, or visit us at our website.