Compounding Solutions LLC, a global leader in custom medical plastics compounding, has been named the distributor of Evonik’s portfolio of Vestamid Care ML polyamide 12, Vestamid Care ME polyether block amide (PEBA), Trogamid Care clear polyamide, and Vestakeep Care PEEK medical grade polymers for the North American temporary contact (in vivo <30 days) medical device markets effective 1 September 2018.

Evonik’s medical grade polymers are used throughout the medical device industry in a variety of applications including stockcocks, housings, imaging devices, drug delivery systems, surgical devices, dental and highly engineered catheters and balloons for PTCA and stent deliveries. Evonik Care medical grade polymers meet USP Class VI requirements, ISO 10993 biocompatibility and each offers great benefits for the temporary contact (<30 days in-vivo) medical applications.

Compounding Solutions will offer Evonik medical grade polymers in quantities as little as 10 lbs (4.5 kg) to support the entire medical device development process from early-stage prototyping through fullscale production.

“I am excited about this opportunity for Compounding Solutions and Evonik. It will be mutually beneficial to both companies and the medical industry as a whole,” states Scott Neal, general manager of Compounding Solutions. “By combining both Evonik’s and Compounding Solutions focus on the medical industry, superior quality, and quick service, now medical customers can get natural resins and custom compounds from the same supplier.”

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