The new brushless drive with a diameter of 19mm has been specially designed for high speeds and features low heat development and extremely quiet and low-vibration running. This little powerhouse has applications in centres for miniaturised processing, hand-held tools and medical technology. When combined with planetary gearheads, many possible variations are available for applications in these key markets.

With its modular construction, this new brushless DC motor is available in three performance classes: the costoptimised EC 19 at 60W, the strong and high-speed EC 19 at 120W and the sterilisable high-end version EC 19 at 120W. The internals of the drives are responsible for their individual characteristics:

  • The EC 19 at 60 W is equipped with a magnetic circuit that is designed for speeds of up to 80,000 rpm. The maximum continuous torque is 12 mNm and the motor contains no Hall sensors.
  • The EC 19 at 120 W has been designed for speeds of up to 100,000 rpm and delivers a high continuous torque of 24 mNm. Versions with and without Hall sensors are available.
  • The EC 19 Sterilisable at 120 W may be sterilised in an autoclave 1000 times. With a maximum permissible speed of 100,000rpm and 24 mNm continuous torque, this drive also withstands high temperatures and harsh steam cycles. This is achieved through careful selection of materials and through protection of the components such as in the hermetically sealed rotor magnet.

With maxon motor’s winding technology, it is possible to offer various voltage versions. The stator has been designed without slots. Therefore, no cogging torque occurs resulting in excellent control properties and extraordinarily smooth running. Together with an optimally balanced rotor, low-noise and low-vibration operation is easily achieved.

maxon’s new sterilisable planetary gearhead, the GP 19 M is ideal for applications requiring very high speeds – input speeds of up to 40,000rpm. To accommodate such high speeds, the toothing and materials have been especially designed to minimise friction. A key demand placed on the material is 1000 sterilisation cycles. The gearhead contains a special shaft seal. Worth noting is the no-need to disassemble the drive unit for the sterilisation process.

The new 19mm drives are particularly suitable for surgical and dental devices, such as arthroscopic shavers and bone drills. There is also a focus on respirators and CAD/CAM spindle drives.