The robust and economic Monorail BM ball guideways from Schneeberger are reliable components for the entire range of industrial applications. They have a proven track record, for instance, in biotech, medical devices, semiconductor as well as in other sectors like laboratory automation, measuring technology, automation, robotics, optics, and of course, in the machine tool industry.

In order to meet more extensive demands, Schneeberger developed new carriage types which expand on the previous “standard” and “compact” versions. The new carriages are shorter and/or lower and do not necessarily conform to the ISO standard. This opens up further areas of application, for example, in woodworking and sheet-metal working or in water jet and laser cutting systems.

The familiar strengths are also featured in the new carriages for the Monorail BM guideways. They are efficiently sealed with longitudinal and transverse wipers. These prevent dirt from penetrating and minimize lubricant loss. This ensures a longer service life with minimum maintenance. The optimized roll body rotation gives the BM systems outstanding running characteristics; in particular, they run smoothly with low pulsation, low friction, and high travel speeds.

The BM 15 version features induction hardened or fully hardened trapezoidal Monorail BM guide rails – available in lengths of up to three meters (per single rail). Types 20, 25, 30, 35 and 45 are even available in lengths of up to six meters. Greater distances can be traveled by linking several rails together. Because of the considerable length of the rail segments, only very few contact points are required, which makes for fast and easy assembly and a high degree of accuracy.

For especially accurate travel movements, the AMSA, AMSABS, and AMSD distance measuring systems from Schneeberger can be integrated into the BM Monorail guideways. By using the Monorail BZ, the additional advantages of a high-precision, integrated rack drive can be achieved. Further accessories such as bellows, additional wipers, lubrication plates and many others are also available.