Shimadzu, world-wide manufacturer of diagnostic imaging equipment, has released a new digital mobile X-ray system called MobileDaRt Evolution. This general-purpose system integrates all most-modern features available on the market. Besides advanced specifications, the handle height option is absolutely unique making it easy for taller personnel to operate and move the system. All of these features have been developed as the result of market research conducted by Shimadzu identifying maneuverability (36%), image quality and X-ray-penetration (20% each) as the features most valued by operators using mobile systems.

The MobileDaRt Evolution is the next generation of the MobileArt series, a family of systems awarded the Growth Strategy Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan. The latest development MobileDaRt Evolution is based on long-term experience and high-level of engineering, merged with the continuous review of clinical feedback.

The system represents an evolutionary change in mobile diagnostic imaging equipment and procedures in terms of mobility, operability and image quality.

“Our research and development is guided by a simple but central mission: to offer the best possible diagnostics with the highest patient- and user-friendliness”, said Thomas Nordhoff, senior manager Medical Systems, Shimadzu Europa GmbH.

Blur-free images

State-of-the-art technology includes rapid radiography with a maximum capacity of 32kW ensuring blur-free images, even under difficult conditions, such as radiography in emergency cases where it is difficult to maintain a stable posture. MobileDaRt Evolution produces high-output X-rays allowing radiography to be performed faster than before.

‘Film-less’ operation through flat panel detector

MobileDaRt Evolution is equipped with the lightest (3.4kg) and thinnest (15mm) flat panel detector (FPD) available on the market. The detachable CXDI-55C FPD with a highly sensitive CsI scintillator ensures high resolution images covering 14in x 17in large examination regions. Furthermore, images can be validated on the spot, just three seconds after exposure. A newly developed small-sized 9in × 11in lightweight CXDI-60C FPD is particularly suitable for pediatric use, fitting well into standard incubators. As there is no need to replace cassettes, radiography can be performed on several people without having to consider the number of film- or CR-cassettes. All these features add up to cost and workflow efficiency.

The MobileDaRt Evolution has a long stroke on its ultra long arm (up to 1,200mm) making even the most difficult imaging situations accessible. The crossarm is freely rotatable 270º in either clockwise or counterclockwise direction. There is no need to reposition the unit in narrow spaces.

General-purpose system including pediatric applications

The MobileDaRt Evolution is the premium solution to mobile X-ray imaging for digitalization of patient wards, emergency rooms (ER), traumatology, intensive care units (ICU) orthopaedics and pediatrics. For pediatric examinations an X-ray beam filtration can be provided. This technique reduces the X-ray dose as children are much more sensitive to radiation than adults.

DICOM supported workflow

The MobileDaRt Evolution supports DICOM modalities (print, store and modality worklist management). By using the LAN cable pro-vided, output data can be transferred to a laser printer, image server or viewer. The system can communicate with network equipment using wireless LAN compatibility, thereby creating a network connection environment that provides even greater freedom.

“Inch-mover” buttons

The MobileDaRt Evolution can be moved forward or backward by using the bedside drive controls located on the front of the collimator. Safety is a major consideration and any sudden force applied to the handle during “inch-mover” operation stops the system automatically. In addition, X-ray irradiation is also disabled automatically during any movement of the system.