The technology used by the Newcastle-under-Lyme provider of battery solutions, allows intelligent communication between the battery and charger. This increases the device’s safety, reduces charge time and maximises battery life. Compamed will take place between November 20th and November 22nd 2013, and Accutronics can be found in Hall 8b Stand F30.

A smart charger contains a microprocessor designed to communicate with smart batteries that have embedded microchips. Accutronics’ smart batteries and chargers are used worldwide in devices such as ventilators, X-Ray detectors, nebulisers, patient monitors and endoscopy data recorders.

The technology ensures that the battery remains in control, only requesting voltage and current from the charger when it needs it. This ensures that the battery will not be overcharged and saves energy.

Another significant advantage of Accutronics’ smart charger technology is that it is chemistry independent, which means that it doesn’t need to be upgraded as new generation batteries are released. This is particularly important in a field where technology is evolving fast and the incompatibility of different generation products is a common problem.

The company’s smart chargers are flexible in both design and use. They can be developed to accept either low voltage direct current (DC) or alternate current (AC) supply. Furthermore, single or multiple bay solutions are possible, depending on customer requirements.

“Accutronics develops specific custom batteries and chargers for its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers through its AccuPro service,” explained Rob Phillips, managing director of Accutronics. “Our aim is to offer tailored solutions for professional high technology markets, such as the medical and healthcare sectors.

“In an ideal situation, Accutronics would work with the customer from the early stages of product development and create acustomised solution for each individual project,” continued Phillips. “However, we also have the Entellion product range which provides off the shelf solutions, saving our customers time and cost. Our credit card and VR420 battery range together with our recently released, modular, Intelligent Power Vault® are examples of Entellion in practice.

“The former delivers high power in a compact, credit card sized unit, while the latter incorporates the latest Lithium-ion smart battery technology, intelligent charging circuitry and efficient regulated power control in a high energy, rechargeable battery system that is easily designed into medical devices and power backup equipment.”