“The Legend Elite Series features the highest speed capabilities and the highest accuracy motion control system in the industry,” said Mike Dean, director of sales and marketing for Epilog Laser. “While the new colors and updated look of the series may be what catches your eye, it’s really the new features we’re most excited about.”

New Super-Silent™ Fans are one of the highlights of the new feature set. Providing a 10-decibel drop in most of the systems, these fans make Epilog lasers the quietest operating systems on the market.
An even more robust Vector Cutting Table is now included with the series. The updated table is over one inch thick and removable from the system. When not in use, the table can be placed in the convenient new storage rack that has been built into the stand. The Engraving Table has also been reinforced for the flattest, most even engraving surface on every job.

Beneath the Vector Cutting Table is a new removable Crumb Tray that has been built into the table pan. Users lower the Easy-Access Drop-Down Door on the front of the system and pull out the Crumb Tray to remove the debris that has fallen through, eliminating a fire hazard and making system maintenance even easier.

The Drop Down front access door has also been enhanced with Easy-Open™ Struts for increased door strength and stability when the door is open.