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Lati S.p.A. - High Performance Thermoplastics for Injection Moulding



Wear is an important issue for polymeric materials, which LATI faced when developing LATILUB compounds.

The thermoplastics family, filled with aramid fibre, is for those application sectors in which traditional self-lubricating additives can not
guarantee sufficient resistance to wear and abrasion.

Aramid fibre is, in fact, softer and tougher than other fibres such as glass and carbon and it has a low tendency to break and abrade mating surfaces. It is ideal, therefore, for parts in relative motion against materials (both polymers or metals) which are easily worn, e.g. bronze, coppen aluminium. The obtained compounds offer excellent self-lubricating properties, a reduced friction coefficient, a high PV limit and, above all, a very low wear performance.

As there is no deposit on the mould, moulding is easier, faster and cheaper than products with PTFE. Because of the material fluidity, these compounds are suitable for those parts in which the high viscosity of a carbon fiber-filled material could generate issues in thinner cavities filling.

Thanks to their non-abrasive nature, aramid fibres reduce, moreover, the wear of plasticising screw, nozzles and moulds to a minimum. Their morphology does not allow the altering of mechanical properties of the parts, which can happen with other non-fibrous additives.

Excellent dimensional stability, good surface appearance, a lower specific weight in comparison with metal and reduced noise allow the use of these products, wherever quick and safe solutions for self-lubricating problems are necessary, even for plastic over plastic applications, high or low relative speed.

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Lati S.p.A. - High Performance Thermoplastics for Injection Moulding

High Performance Thermoplastics for Injection Moulding