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Latigea – Sustainable Technology

Polylactic Acid is a compostable and biodegradable resin obtained from renewable and ecosustainable assets.

LATIGEA compounds meet successful applications in very different industrial areas, from electronic to home appliances, from tools to furniture etc.

LATIGEA is a winner on the market due to its almost complete compostability of the polymeric matrix and its intrinsic natural origin, being not an oil-derivate but a product of starch.

It is evident that the "green" origin and disposal of LATIGEA constitute an appealing and innovative marketing topic.

In contrast to many of the other proposals available on the market today, it is fundamental to put the stress on the main strategic choices of LATI leading the way to LATIGEA compounds, allowing these materials to be a totally environmental-friendly asset:

  1. No blends or alloys between PLA and oil-derivate resins, invalidating the almost complete biodegradability of the compound matrix.
  2. Fillers and additives only if not generating issues to the environment.
  3. No oxo-degradable matrixes, whose decomposition can not be compared to proper composting. The latter point has been a crucial point for LATI whose decision was to produce a really compostable and biodegradable resin.

For this reason PLA was selected (biodegradable according to ISO 14851:2004 and ISO 14852:2004, compostable as per UNI EN 13432:2000) rather than other products whose disgregation may give origin to smaller particles to be dispersed in the ground.

LATIGEA is not only a natural resin but includes a proper range of tailor made compounds, following the market peculiarity of LATI.

Among the LATIGEA grades, one of the most interesting is the B01 L/07 grade, featuring wood flour and thus meeting the goal of a really eco-sustainable plastic compound.

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Lati S.p.A. - High Performance Thermoplastics for Injection Moulding

High Performance Thermoplastics for Injection Moulding