Irving, United States / Sciad Newswire / Darling Ingredients’ Health Brand, Rousselot, the global leader in collagen-based solutions, and Gelomics, the world-leading provider of fully integrated 3D cell, organoid and tissue culture technologies, have entered into a cobranding partnership. Rousselot Biomedical will supply Gelomics with its X-Pure GelMA (gelatin methacryloyl), a photo cross-linkable extracellular matrix, for use in Gelomics’ LunaGel™ 3D Tissue Culture System.

GelMA is a well-known biomaterial with tuneability and bioactivity that is used in a wide range of tissue engineering, 3D bioprinting and 3D cell culture applications. Rousselot’s X-Pure GelMA is ultra-pure (<10 Endotoxin Units (EU)/g), and the first GelMA to be produced under GMP conditions. The new LunaGel X-Pure gelatin product series will be available as ready-to-use kits in low and high stiffness formulations, providing the world’s first premium, ultra-pure GelMA in an easy-to-use format.

“We are proud to partner with Gelomics, who share our passion and commitment to quality and collaboration,” said Tanja Vervust, Director Rousselot Biomedical. “Leveraging the consistency and purity of X-Pure GelMA, the LunaGel X-Pure products offer Gelomics’ customers an easy-to-use solution for creating the optimal experimental conditions for cell culture.”

Christoph Meinert, CEO of Gelomics, said, “The broad uptake of modern 3D cell culture techniques in biomedical R&D has been slowed down by a lack of easy-to-use and reproducible biomaterials that enable cells to grow and behave in a physiological manner. We are pleased to partner with Rousselot Biomedical to overcome these limitations and provide the world’s first, ready-to-use 3D cell culture kits based on Rousselot Biomedical’s X-Pure GelMA.”

Launched earlier this year, Rousselot Biomedical’s co-branding program brings together innovative biotechnology companies and Rousselot’s expertise in biomedical gelatins to advance the development of new medicines and medical devices.  

Darling Ingredients established Rousselot Biomedical in 2018 to develop ultra-pure gelatin and collagen solutions for biomedical applications ranging from vaccines to hemostats to regenerative medicines. Today, Rousselot Biomedical is a partner of choice for biomedical research companies, start-ups and industries in search of medical grade gelatin with outstanding levels of purity for research and in-body applications.

Founded in 2018 in Australia, Gelomics has rapidly become a world-leading provider of fully integrated 3D cell, organoid and tissue culture technologies. Gelomics fast tracks biomedical research and development by enabling researchers to grow human-like tissues in the laboratory that drastically improve the translational value of cell-based research and reduce the requirements for animal experimentation.