The purchase of the field-proven Orbotech ParagonTM-9800 Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) system (as the third LDI system in production) is another step in pursuing the strategy to convert all exposure jobs to direct imaging. This standardisation for all imaging steps, results in a significantly faster and easier process flow.

For soldermask exposure, the ParagonTM-9800 LDI system guarantees with its 16W power high throughput, not only for LDI optimised soldermasks, but for other well-established soldermask materials too.

The system offers side-to-side registration and dynamic imaging modes to match the panel’s distortion for highest registration accuracy of better than 20 micron.

Furthermore, for high-reliability applications, like medtech implants, full traceability can be obtained by adding serial number stamps, date stamps, 1D or 2D barcodes recording various process parameters to each panel.

After having successfully transferred all artwork printing to LDI in 2012, the implementation of the ParagonTM-9800 LDI system, denotes the passing of the next milestone for soldermask imaging.