The company received its first round of capital in 2004 from three top venture capital funds, and in October 2006, a Fortune 100 multinational company acquired the start up, and Arrow OCS continues to provide the full suite of End-to-End services today, and does so globally.

Arrow OCS engaged with the start up in November of 2005. At that time the start up consisted mostly of software engineers with no dedicated hardware engineering or manufacturing resources, and thus Arrow OCS found a significant gap that could be filled by utilizing Arrow’s many technical and logistics experts.
After many engineering meetings and, meeting with their executive management, the start up firm signed manufacturing agreements with Arrow OCS in early 2006.

Agreements now in place, Arrow OCS began the critical actions required to bring the invention to life in a full production environment. Arrow’s NPI Engineers made site visits to work directly with the customer, in their lab in early 2006 to work with engineers in understanding and integrating Dental system on site. By gaining critical first hand working knowledge, our team began the challenging task of putting together a comprehensive manufacturing Build Plan that encompassed significant manufacturing detail and testing processes that would result in a production ready 3D Optical Scanning system that would be shipped directly to Dentist Offices.

The start up firm never touched the final product, nor did they pay for the inventory prior to sale of the finished products, Arrow OCS provided a true end-to-end solution, from financial, engineering, manufacturing to field service and support.