Medical Technology Ireland Hosts Webinar on Coatings

Boston, MA—June 16, 2021—David DiBiasio, vice president of sales and marketing at Precision Coating Co., Inc. (PCCI), spoke at a recent webinar hosted by Medical Technology Ireland on the topic of innovations in medical device coatings. DiBiasio, and three other industry peers, covered several topics surrounding various coating solutions.

The agenda included: “Innovations in Medical Device Coatings: Support for Industrial Research in Ireland;” “Surface treatment and encapsulation coating enhanced by Medibrane’s adhesion platform;” “Medical Coating Solutions for Medical Grade Wire Products;” and DiBiasio’s own presentation, “Innovations in anodic coatings and advanced application of polymer products for medical devices.”

DiBiasio discussed anodic coatings and polymer coatings for medical devices, specifically MICRALOX™ and its use for medical device components to create a long-lasting and virtually indestructible surface, which delivers dramatically superior chemical and corrosion resistance surface. Precision Coating offers a number of solutions for medical device parts and components to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

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