Darling Ingredients’ health brand Rousselot, a global leader in gelatin- and collagen-based solutions, announced today that its high-quality, research- and technical-grade gelatins are now available for online purchase in Canada, Europe, South Korea and the U.S. through BIO INX, a pioneering developer and distributor of materials for 3D bioprinting.

For the first time ever, research companies and academic institutions can purchase Rousselot’s low-endotoxin X-Pure® gelatins, including X-Pure GelMA and X-Pure GelDAT, online in two grades (technical and research) and multiple amounts (1 gram, 10 grams and 50 grams) at bioinx.com.

From left to right: Isabel Vanhecke (ROUSSELOT), Kathleen Jacobs (ROUSSELOT), Tanja Vervust (ROUSSELOT), Jasper Van Hoorick (BIO INX), Coralie Gréant (BIO INX), Julie Schockaert (BIO INX) and Lies De Smedt (ROUSSELOT).

“Collaborating with BIO INX to offer online-purchasing streamlines the ordering process and provides efficient delivery of high-quality gelatins necessary for tissue engineering and biofabrication projects,” said Tanja Vervust, Global Director, Rousselot Biomedical. “Rousselot’s research-grade X-Pure gelatins are functionally equivalent to GMP-grade gelatins and help to reduce development variability and facilitate the transition to clinical applications.”

“We’re very pleased to collaborate with Rousselot and integrate its gelatin range into our already diverse biomaterial portfolio, expanding our offerings and providing a broader selection of standardized biomaterials, while ensuring consistency, quality and reliability,” said Jasper Van Hoorick, CEO of BIO INX. “These attributes are crucial for contributing to BIO INX’s mission to make bioprinting turnkey through reproducible results, which is essential for clinical translation in the future.”

Customers requiring larger volumes of X-Pure gelatins, custom gelatins, GMP grades and/or specific support services such as regulatory advice or technical assistance should continue to contact Rousselot directly by submitting a request form on our website.