Sensortechnics’ CLC series uses a new contact-free capacitive sensor technology to continuously measure the fill level of liquids as well as granular or pulverised materials. The miniature sensor can be easily mounted to the outside of a container or vessel and is able to measure through almost any non-metallic wall material. The level sensing range of the standard device is up to 10cm, which can be enlarged in special multi-sensor configurations.

The non-invasive design, with no contact between the sensor and the fluid, eliminates all media compatibility and sterility issues. The device is highly flexible and the user can easily calibrate the sensor to measure to the desired levels, media and application set-up. The CLC series achieves a very high accuracy and reliability due to an additional reference electrode which compensates for all changes in ambient environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. As an optional safety feature the sensor can be supplied with an extra sensing pad to detect if a container is actually present or not. The CLC sensor offers an analog voltage output as well as a digital interface. Sensortechnics can also provide modifications of its capacitive level sensor based on customer specific requirements.

Important features of the new CLC series are:

  • Continuous, contact-free level monitoring
  • Capacitive measurement of liquids, granular or pulverised materials
  • Miniature sized sensor easily mountable to the outside of a container
  • Analog and digital outputs

Due to its new, continuous and contact-free technology Sensortechnics’ CLC capacitive sensor can be used in many level monitoring applications within medical technology, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.