The company focus is on components and systems ensuring the clean and safe supply of power and ease of use of medical equipment according to IEC 60950 or 60601-1.

SCHURTER products are ideal for use in medical appliances, meeting all the typical requirements such as durability, reliability, safety orientation and design ensuring hygiene as well as user-friendliness and maximum functional integration.

SCHURTER supports medical equipment manufacturers worldwide, through technically sophisticated and well-engineered products, in their development work. That is why we consistently align our innovation process with the technological trends of this cutting-edge industry.

SCHURTER employees have already begun to work on compact and multifunctional power entry module combinations intended to respond to the rising demand for mobile units in diagnostics and those for home use. Testing new materials and assessing innovative approaches with regard to our components’ tight conformance, we will make a significant contribution towards easy and efficient compliance with hygienic regulations.

New laws governing appliance safety motivate us to enter into a dialogue with our customers worldwide to work out solutions for EMC protection and power supply cord retention in a swift, consistent and cost-conscious manner.

SCHURTER employees are steadfastly committed to guaranteeing maximum benefits and safety to the end customer. We meet application challenges and offer our customers a variety of innovative solutions, taking into consideration the core issues: durability, reliability, tightness, safety, hygiene, user-friendliness and highly functional integration.