The new conga-BM57 module features the latest Intel Core i7-620M processor with a core speed of 2.66GHz, with 4MB L2 cache and up to 8GB fast (1066MT/s) dual channel DDR3 memory. The conga BM57 is a two chip solution which utilises the powerful Mobile Intel QM57 Express chipset. The integrated graphics controller supports the Intel Flexible Display Interface (FDI) allowing for two independent video channels on VGA, LVDS, HDMI, DisplayPort or SDVO interfaces.

Boosted graphics performance

The major highlight of the COM Express basic 95mmx125mm module with type 2 connector pin-out is its boosted graphics performance. The 3D performance was increased substantially over the last generation of Intel integrated graphics. Paired with the additional computing performance of the Intel Core i7 processor the conga-BM57 is an ideal solution for intense graphics applications which are often found in gaming or medical image applications.

The implemented Intel Turbo Boost Technology provides on-demand boost in clock speed for one processor core if the other core is less utilised. This new feature improves the computing performance by as much as 25% as measured by congatec during benchmark testing.

Power savings

In order to keep the power consumption at about the same level as the predecessor generation, the Intel Core i7 processor supports new power management states. The C6 state, already known from Intel Core processors, saves the architectural state to a dedicated SRAM. Then the cores can be switched off to reduce the current to almost zero. The independence of the C6 states for each core boasts even greater power savings for the platform.

Five PCI Express lanes, eight USB 2.0 ports, three SATA, one EIDE and a Gigabit Ethernet interface allow for fast and flexible system extensions. Fan control, LPC bus for slow speed extensions and Intel High Definition Audio complete the feature set.

First public live demonstrations of the extremely fast conga-BM57 will be held at the International Gaming Expo, which takes place in London from 26-28 Jan 2010, at congatec’s booth number 3484.

About congatec

Based in Deggendorf, Germany, congatec is an innovative provider of industrial computer modules based on Qseven, COM Express, XTX and ETX standard form factors. Thanks to this specialisation, congatec has established itself as a leading supplier in this sector. The company’s products support all types of industry applications spanning the industrial automation, medical and automotive as well as the aerospace and transport sectors.

congatec’s key know-how includes extended BIOS and driver support as well as comprehensive board support packages. Our customers receive complete product lifecycle support starting early during the design-in stage. All congatec products are manufactured by specialised contract manufacturers who fulfil the latest quality standards. congatec currently employs 75 staff and has offices in the Czech Republic, Taiwan and the US.