Clindox is launching this new addition to its groundbreaking CRFweb application at Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK 2016, London, June 22-23.

CRFweb is a competitively priced, but fully featured, web-based eCRF platform. It lowers the entry point of clinical trial software, drastically reduces set-up time, and helps to shorten the whole trial process.

Clindox founder Mats Forsgren had this to say:

"One of CRFweb‘s key selling points is the ability for remote access, but this new module takes things to the next level. Our ePRO module means subjects can enter their own data in between interviewer visits. For the types of trial where this is appropriate, it enables huge savings in terms of time for the interview cycle which in turn facilitates a speeding up of the whole trial process.

CRFweb is all about making clinical trials faster and more economic and this is an additional tool to facilitate this. We’re extremely excited about the opportunities this release creates for our clients".

The latest release is the result of client feedback to Clindox. Forsgren further elaborates that "[this] is part of our philosophy, we’re looking for continual improvement of what we believe is already a truly market leading product and we listen to our clients. Functionality and benefits that were once the privilege of the big guys are now available within the budget of those working to tighter margins".

About Clindox:

Clindox is a company formed by Scandinavian, British and Irish entrepreneurs with the specific goal to develop groundbreaking clinical trial software. They have offices in Ireland, the UK and India. Find out more about Clindox’s exciting developments at its dedicated site.