Sensortechnics introduces the AD8/AD9 series of non-invasive ultrasonic fluid monitoring sensors. These highly reliable sensors are ideal for critical applications to detect air or gas bubbles as well as “end of sample” flowing through small tubing.

The AD8/AD9 series are based on a special pulsed ultrasonic technology which permits highly accurate and repeatable detection with excellent electrical noise immunity. This non-invasive design, with no contact between the sensor and the fluid, eliminates all media compatibility and sterility issues. Detection can be carried out in a large variety of soft or rigid tubing with diameters from 1.6mm to
25.4mm. These sensors are very compact and feature an integral programmable micro-controller to allow for custom sensor functionality or specific algorithms. This enables the AD8/AD9 standard sensor to be optimised to meet application specific requirements.

Important features of the AD8/AD9 series are:

  • Non-invasive air bubble and “end of sample” detection
  • Highly accurate and repeatable pulsed ultrasonic technology
  • Detection in tubing with diameters from 1.6mm to 25.4mm
  • Customisation to application specific requirements

Typical applications can be found in many patient-connected medical devices such as transfusion systems, blood processing equipment, dialysis machines and infusion pumps. Air bubble and air-in-line detectors can also be utilised in chromatographs, analytical instruments and dispensing or liquid filling machines.