The reagent can preserve genetic integrity and expression profiles of samples including cells, tissues, blood, plasma, serum, saliva, urine and faeces at ambient temperatures for extended an period of time.

As methods used in the collection and storage of samples can have an effect on the analysis of nucleic acids, a sample can lead to misrepresentation of data in the absence of proper storage conditions.

To prevent sample degradation, Zymo has developed five new collection devices that contain DNA/RNA Shield Storage reagent.

Samples can be stored in the collection devices for up to 30 days while keeping the integrity of nucleic acids intact.

Apart from this, the collection devices can also help in inactivating all the pathogens contained within the sample. Additionally, the company claims that, by eliminating the need for removing reagent during the purification process has simplified the sample analysis further.

The new collection devices include DNA/RNA Shield Swab Collection Tube, DNA/RNA Shield Blood Collection Tube, DNA/RNA Shield Fecal Collection Tube and DNA/RNA Shield Lysis Tube (tissues and microbes).

The DNA/RNA Shield Swab Collection Tube is used for collecting samples from mouth, nose, throat and environmental sample collection.

DNA/RNA Shield Blood Collection Tube is useful for identifying blood borne pathogens,  gene expression analysis and miRNA analysis.

DNA/RNA Shield Fecal Collection Tube is useful in sample collection for miRNA analysis, pathogen detection, gene expression and microbiomic analysis.

Suitable for microbiomic, gene expression, miRNA analyses, DNA/RNA Shield Lysis Tube also provides pathogen detection. These tubes contain ultra-high density ZR Bashing Bead lysis matrix.

Zymo Research Global Marketing vice president Dr. Graham Threadgill said: "The advantage of having these various collection devices filled with DNA/RNA Shield is that a 'molecular snapshot' of the sample at time of collection can be obtained without the need for refrigeration or specialized equipment.

“We have made it our goal to standardize sample collection in clinical and research settings."

Image: Zymo has developed five new collection devices to prevent sample degradation. Photo: Courtesy of jk1991/