Ziosoft, a provider of visualization and functional analytics for the medical care market, has recently signed a distribution agreement with Singapore-based medical systems and services company Advanced Medical Systems (AMS). As per the agreement, AMS will distribute and support Ziosoft's Ziostation system with PhyZiodynamic supercomputing technology initially throughout India, Singapore and Malaysia.

AMS is a medical systems and services organization offering new multi-disciplinary solutions for centers of excellence across the Asia Pacific region. It is an organization that offers a complete range of services required for facility planning, technology implementation, user training and customer support. The AMS team is qualified and industry-experienced with advanced diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive therapy systems in the emerging healthcare marketplace in South Asia, Southeast Asia & Pacific region.

PhyZiodynamic technology is compatible with any DICOM imaging modality including CT, MR, PET, nuclear medicine and Angiography. This allows advanced diagnostic applications for multiple medical specialties such as cardiology, radiology, neurology, orthopedics and oncology. Ziosoft has received regulatory clearance for several clinical applications, including CT brain perfusion, CT coronary analysis and calcium scoring, as well as both MR and CT cardiac function analysis.

Romesh Kaul, president and CEO of AMS, said: “Medical device analysts are projecting fairly robust growth in the Asia/Pacific area as the demand for healthcare grows. Recent reports indicate the medical device growth rate will be about 23% annually in India alone. We expect the demand for advanced functional visualization to experience similar growth and believe Ziosoft supercomputing technology provides the best choice for 3D, 4D and 5D image data analytics.

“Ziosoft’s CT/MR/ANGIO cardiac function analysis software can play a vital role in early and accurate diagnosis to hundreds of these patients. AMS plans to bring Ziosoft’s innovative cardiac function analysis products quickly to leading cardiac therapy providers particularly in India.”

Rob Royea, vice president of sales and marketing for Ziosoft, said: “The AMS team is a highly committed and dedicated group of sales, service, engineering and applications specialists. We wanted to partner with an organization that could best represent Ziosoft’s commitment to superior patient outcomes. We are pleased to have them as part of our team in working to implement PhyZiodynamic solutions in this emerging market.”