Ziehm Imaging, a manufacturer of C-arms, has introduced SmartVascular, an easy-to-use software solution that enables vascular surgeons to postprocess X-ray images that support decision-making during minimally invasive procedures.

SmartVascular software involves new workflow for fast results of imaging in vascular surgery.

Ziehm Imaging said that the solution raises efficiency levels, eliminates interim C-arm operating steps and automates the imaging processes and is compatible with all Ziehm Vision C-arms and tailored to vascular procedures.

Ziehm Imaging has been supporting vascular surgeons with a range of products delivering high-precision image data during interventions.

The company added that surgeons can use the software to create a digital subtraction angiography at any time during an operation without having to use the touchscreen as an interface.

SmartVascular automates all MSA and RSA process steps, allowing complex vascular procedures to be planned and performed with minimum amounts of contrast media and shorter fluoroscopy times.

Ziehm Imagin product manager Stefan Wagner said that SmartVascular represents an entirely new workflow. It makes imaging considerably easier for surgeons, enabling them to generate the requisite image data in just a few steps.

"In combination with our C-arms with flat-panel detectors, SmartVascular delivers images that are of outstanding quality to support highly complex procedures," Wagner said.